Web Solution Centre Shares Some Tips on Choosing the Most Appropriate Font Style for a Website

There is no denying that there’s a massive variety of fonts available. In fact, a new style shows up every day! However, not all of them – regardless of how lovely they seem to be – are ideal for a website. The CEO of Web Solution Centre, a reputed Website Designing Company In Delhi, shares some great tips that would help in zeroing on a suitable font style for a site.

Speaking about readability, he says, ‘The most essential aspect to keep in mind is ‘Readability,’ which is attainable only when one opts for simplicity. One should focus on keeping things straightforward, and avoid fonts that are too intricate to the eyes. If one really wants to be innovative & creative, one can make use of things like pull-quotes and headlines, ensuring to keep the basic font clear and legible. Medium-weighted font that is either simple serif or sans-serif usually works well.”

He continues, “Like other components on the web page, typography too, conveys the message of the brand, much like the color scheme and graphics. Heavy font styles convey strength, while lightweight font styles portray candidness and liberty. Decorative fonts showcase creativity & imagination. Combined with scale and color schemes, these are powerful devices to put forward the mood and message the website wants to offer to its viewers. Too much of contrasting and using more than two varieties of fonts in a specific content fails to attract visitors. However, choosing a style that complements the rest of the design requires professional expertise. In this aspect one may get in touch with our Web Development Company Delhi.”

Addressing the problem of cross browser and cross device issues, he comments, “It's important to remember that not everybody gets to access the site in a similar manner. There are many combinations of gadgets, hardware, operating systems, and screen resolutions to consider. Moreover, each browser and operating system will render the font styles in a different manner, even if it is as subtle as a minute change in the pixel quality. Flexibility and adaptability of the typography must always be kept in mind.”

For expert advice and guidance on this subject one may contact WSC, the best Ecommerce Website Design Company In Delhi. Apart from web designing & development, they also offer other online services, such as Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, and much more. 

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